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We can look forward to some surprising, challenging,
and satisfying theater from The Rogue

—Jesse Greenberg, The Desert Leaf






Sixth Season of Plays

Nāga Mandala or Play with a Cobra by Girish Karnad


Naga Mandala

Woven from two Indian folk tales, this story is filled with magic and mysticism. A writer must stay awake all night in order to break a fatal spell. He searches for a story and finds one in the tale of a young bride, abused by her husband and seduced by a cobra. This imaginative staging is embellished with Indian music, dance, masks, and puppetry.

Directed by Cynthia Meier, featuring Patty Gallagher

Thursdays through Sundays, September 9–26, 2010

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Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts


Mrs. Alving’s son has returned from Paris with a troubling fatigue, just as she is finishing the construction of an orphanage named in honor of her late husband. As the moment approaches to dedicate the children’s home, secrets old and new are revealed and the family’s foundations crumble away—a powerful, taut drama of legacy, love and catastrophe.

Directed by David Morden, featuring Cynthia Meier as Mrs. Alving & Joseph McGrath as Pastor Manders

Thursdays through Sundays, November 4–28, 2010
No performance Thursday November 25 (Thanksgiving)

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Rogue After Curfew
The Now Theatre presents George Bernard Shaw’s Overruled

After a romantic cruise around the world, the Lunns and the Junos are reunited to find that their spouses have found new lovers—each other’s. Upon discovery, the two couples launch into a debate over society’s notions of fidelity, the dangers of moral extremism, and love. Written in 1912 by an author who was way ahead of his time, this short play sparkles with the delicious wit and repartee of George Bernard Shaw at his most playful.

Directed by Daniel Thomson

Thursdays through Sundays, November 4–21, 2010

Full information about Overruled

Overruled is not part of The Rogue Theatre’s season ticket package.


William Shakespeare’s The Tempest


The Tempest

In this last play authored by Shakespeare, we find a Duke and his young daughter, unfairly banished to a mystical island with only a misshapen monster and an inhuman spirit as company. There the Duke studies and masters the art of magic, and through shipwrecks and storms, he wins justice and sets the world aright. When he retires at the end of the play, we hear Shakespeare’s own voice at the end of a brilliant writing career displaying his exquisite mastery of dramatic and emotional poetry.

Directed by Cynthia Meier, featuring John Wilson (Professor Emeritus from the UA Dance Department) as Prospero

Thursdays through Sundays, January 6–23, 2011

Full information about The Tempest

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Harold Pinter’s Old Times


A cryptic look at a marriage as only Harold Pinter can create. Deeley and Kate are preparing for a visit from Anna, Kate’s old roommate and only friend. When Anna arrives, layers of relationships are peeled back one by one, revealing an enigmatic web of connections and history between these three people. Is it a dream, a memory, or a complete and coherent narrative?

Directed by Cynthia Meier

Thursdays through Sundays, February 24–March 13, 2011

Full information about Old Times

Old Times


Rogue After Curfew
The Now Theatre presents Eugène Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano

Thursdays through Sundays, February 24–March 12, 2011
following performances of Old Times, 10:30 P.M. Thursdays through Saturdays, 7:30 P.M. Sundays. No performance Sunday, March 13.

Full information about The Bald Soprano

The Bald Soprano is not part of The Rogue Theatre’s season ticket package.

The Bald Soprano


Patrick Baliani’s The Decameron,
based on the stories of Giovanni Boccaccio


The Decameron

It is the summer of 1348 and the Black Death rages in Florence. A group of ten citizens have fled to a villa outside the city walls where they fill their days by creating stories of love, lust, adventure and fate. Spend an evening with an unlikely gathering of refugees as they spin their tales, share their imaginations and discover worlds unknown. Playwright Patrick Baliani will craft this translation of the classic that inspired a world of writings, including Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

Directed by Joseph McGrath

Thursdays through Sundays, April 28–May 15, 2011

Full information about The Decameron


Full information about prior seasons of The Rogue Theatre can be found on our Past Shows page.



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