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Joseph McGrath (Director)

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Joseph McGrath (Director)

Financial Donations

We are all keepers of the spirit of the theatre—from the artists who identify and articulate our core human impulses, to the administrators who make homes for art; from the trustees who secure those homes and create the bonds between artists and the larger community, to the audiences, without whom there can be nothing called theatre. Sometimes shouldering the responsibility for this most consistently endangered, ever-ephemeral endeavor can feel like carrying burning embers wrapped in leaves through a rainforest. If the necessary spark goes out, how will we light the fire around which we gather, night after night, place after place? That spark is what we have; it’s the art of the theatre, your theatre, any theatre. And so we carry and protect it, fan it to flame, watch it die down to a faint glow, wrap it up and carry it again, always hopeful, always together.

—from The Art of Theatre by Todd London

The Rogue Theatre is supported not only by ticket sales and grant funding, but also by contributors like yourself. We are incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so any financial contributions you make are tax-exempt to the fullest extent allowable by the IRS. Please consider becoming a donor contributing to the rich cultural life of Tucson!

Click here to find out how to donate.

Lifetime Rogues

Cumulative Gifts of $50,000 or more
Arizona Commission on the Arts
John & Joyce Ambruster
Norma Davenport
David & Norma Lewis Foundation
Cynthia Meier & Thomas Wentzel


The following dedicated individuals have notified us that they have made a commitment to The Rogue Theatre through a charitable bequest:

Lonny Baker
Ted & Celia Brandt
Norma Davenport
Gary & Harriet Fielding
Dan Gilmore
Katherine & Arthur Jadobson
David S. Lewis
Dr. William Mangold
Mona Mizell
Nancy Peterson
Herbert C. Ploch
Ronald Staub
Ward Wallingford

If you would like to make a gift to the Rogue through a bequest, please contact Cynthia Meier at

The Rogue is now able to take gifts of stocks and securities. Please e-mail Cynthia at for information on how to make such a gift.


Donors since July 2016

We have a variety of donation levels (and accompanying appellations), based on your annual donation.

Rogue: $10,000+ donation
John & Joyce Ambruster
Arizona Commission on the Arts
Norma Davenport
Bryan & Elizabeth Falcón
John & Patricia Hemann
David S. and Norma R. Lewis Foundation held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Kristina L. Lewis
Herbert C. Ploch
Peter Salomon & Patricia Morgan
Andrew & Cammie Watson

Beguiler: $5000–$9999 donation
Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona
Joan Cook
Dr. Tom and Karinn Hamill Rothe
Todd Hansen
Ann & Nils Hasselmo
Peter & Meg Hovell
Sally Krusing
Carol Mangold
Larry Boutis & Barbara Martinsons
Mattthew T. McGrath
John E. Wahl & Mary Lou Forier
Paul Winick & Ronda Lustman

Hellcat: $1000–$4999 donation
Julia Annas
Anonymous (2)
Paul M. Barby
Dee Barrington
Bev & Bob Bechtel
The Bodow Family
Maura H. Brackett
Celia Brandt
Shawn Burke
Evelyn Clarine
Susan Collinet
Pat & John Danloe
William & Barbara Dantzler
Karen DeLay & Bill Sandel
Susan Dick / The Learning Curve
Margrethe & Bill Feldman
Robert & Rhonda Fleming
GBL Family Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Sally Gershon
Dan Gilmore & JoAn Forehand
The Griffiths of Centerville, Ohio
Jo-An Heileman
Kay & Philip Korn
Ruth Kosakowsky
Lou & Ann Lancero
Ed & Nancy Landes
Marianne & Bill Leedy
Richard Pincus & Jan Linn
Susan & Stacy Litvak
Joseph McGrath
Kathleen A. McGrath & Jerry James
Andy McKnight
Melinda McMullen & Duncan Kime
Cynthia Meier & Thomas Wentzel
Mona Mizell
Jordan & Jean Nerenberg
Priya Okun & Carole Baumgarten
Kathleen Ortega & Lawrence Johnson
Nancy Peterson & Dave Becker
Katharina Phillips & Sheldon Trubatch
Paul & Mary Ross
Julia Royall & Brian Kahin
Mary & Tom Ryan
Stuart Salasche & Els Duvigneau
José & Jan Santiago
Bill & Nancy Sohn
Nick Soloway & Kay Ransdell
Jan Stewart
Ted & Shirley Taubeneck
Susan Tiss
Ward & Judith Wallingford
Joan Warfield
Tim Wernette & Carolyn Brown
John & Diane Wilson
Jim Wilson & Adam Hostetter
The Young Foundation

Ne’er-do-well: $500–$999 donation
Kathy Altman & Ivy Schwartz
Kathryn Babcock
Celia A. Balfour
John Blackwell & Denice Blake
Judie Bronstein & Goggy Davidowitz
Kimble & Sherrye Cohn
Kay Crofoot
Jim Cushing
Mark Dickinson & Letizia Stanghellini
Ruth & Stephen Dickstein
Mary Dryden
Ed Gelardin
Arthur & Katherine Jacobson
Judy & Art Kidder
Brock & Chantal McCaman
Polly Miller
Lynn Ratener
Jim & Zohreh Saunders
Jeanne & David Sherry
Katherine Smith
Tracy & Regina Suitt
Jane I. Toussaint
Joan van Dyke
George Waldmann, M.D.

Rapscallion: $100–$499 donation
A. Jean Aboud
Freddie & Jerry Adkinson-Sormani
Amy Alcorn, in honor of Sara Brauer & Amy Byroad
James E. Alexander, Jr., M.D. & Elizabeth Alexander
Richard & Deborah Apling
Aaron Archer & Melissa Bjelland, in honor of Karen DeLay & Bill Sandel
Syd Arkowitz
Karen Austen
Frank & Betsy Babb
David E. Baker
Patrick Baliani & Dian Jazynka
Barbara A. E. Banks
Wayne & Anita Beal
Susan Beekman
Peter Bleasby
Adriana Boiangiu
Sheryl Boris
Sarah Boroson
Michael & Judi Botwin
Andrew Broan
Richard & Meg Lota Brown
Pam Burris
Herbert Burton
Keith & Gretchen Carew
Mr. & Mrs. Willard T. Carleton
Mrs. Darlene M. Carlson
Anne Cavanagh, in honor of Elizabeth Edwards
Silvia Cerruti & John Rawlins, in honor of Patty Gallagher
J. Brown & K. Childress
Nathan Christophel Lichti, in honor of Jim Wilson & Adam Hostetter
Robert D. Claassen
Richard & Edie Coan
Julie Johnson Cohn
Steve & Gerry Connolly
Raphaela & Robert Consigli
David & Deborah Cowan
Douglas F. Cowan
Elizabeth Cox
Jacqueline Crockett
Eleanor Crosfield
Dr. Burt & Carol Cunin
Carolyn A. Cunningham
Eric & Jan Daby
Colin & Jean M. Dalton
Dottie Davis
Jacqueline Day
Raul Delgado
Jack & Anne Denny
Paula Wilk & Martin Diamond
Susan Dodd
Curt & Shirley Dornberg
Peter J. Downey
Walter Doyle
Jill Leslie Drell
C. Eblen
Dorsett Edmunds
Lillian Essex
Julian Ettelson
Vicki Ettleman
ExxonMobil Foundation
Rudolph Faller
Gary & Harriet Fielding
Ralph I. Fine
Norma & Ken Foege
Michael & Eleanor Fraser
Joseph Frericks
Friend of the theatre
Jeannie Fruean
Dale Fuller
James & Barbara Gallagher, in honor of Patty Gallagher
Nancy Gardner
Ursula Geck
Renee Geffen
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Glasser
Dr. Gerald & Barbara Goldberg
Gloria & Ben Golden
Linda Grant & Peter Medine
Anna Griffith
Robert Gugino
Judith Hasbrouck
Don Hausrath
Jane Heaton
Jerry Helm
Richard Henderson
James Henriksen
Richard Herrnstadt
Karen Holcomb
Joe & Janet Hollander
Don Holtrop
Donna Hostetler
Norma Inkster
Dave & Marsha Irwin
Dr. & Mrs. Ken Iserson
Florence Jaffe
Paul & Marianne Kaestle
Barbara Katz
Michael Katz
Gavin & Norma Kayner
Rita Kester & Daniel Horton
Jay & Barbara Kittle
Neil K. Kochenour
Sherwin & Karen Koopmans
Andrea Dillenburg & Edward Kraus
Anne M. Kreutzmann
Gloria Krys & Andre Rosalik
Calvin & Ilene Kunin
Mary Sue & Dick Larsen
Lawrence Lee
Adrienne & Keith Lehrer
Ann B. Lettes
Kristina L. Lewis, in honor of Jim Wilson & Adam Hostetter
Drs. Sandra & Len Lichtenfeld
James & Margaret Liebig
Priya Lin
Elaine Litvack
Karen E. & Leonard L. Loeb Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Peggy Lockard
Margaret Loghry
Ned & Pat  Mackey
Angela Manansala
Lana Mangold
Dr. Gary & Brenda Mangold, Allison & Colby Lee, Hudson & Greyson Lee, Lauren Mangold & Erin Mangold
Connie & Harry Mapes
Lee Marchitelli
Honey Mason
Larry Matthews
Warren & Felicia May
Nancy Mayerhofer
Don & Sylvie McAdams
Anne Pease McConnell
Susan McGinley
Wendy Meeker
Susan Meier
Lynda Menis
Judith D. Meyer & Dr. Richard B. Meyer
Richard & Linda Miller
Jojene Mills
Joyanne B. Mills
Victoria Mills, in honor of Ashley Bowman & Claire Hancock
Raymond Moldow & Winona Mullinax
Leslie Morato
David Morden
Dr. Jennifer Morehead
Jean Morrison
Guna & Bob Mundheim
Shirley G. Muney
David & Marlys Nelson
David H. Nix
Ardis Niemann Noonan & James Noonan
Judith Norris
David & Barbara Northrop
David Ormand
Jonathan & Ellyn Ostrow
Sally Hart & Robert Parks
Randall & Loretta Pecsek
Rici Peterson & Michael Seibold
Laurie & Tom Pew
Tom & Maureen Price
Ron Pullins & Leslie Powell
Judith Quarry
Ray Ramirez
Jill & Jim Rich
Stephen & Alisa Ridgway
Jim Robbins & Mona Mizell
Jonathan & Karen Rothschild
Donna Rudolph
Elouise & Jim Rusk
Adib & Vivi Sabbagh
Tim Schaffner
Patricia & Richard Schmuck
Barbara Schneidau
Nan C. Schubel
Joyce Scully
BJ & Judith Segel
Dr. Stephen & Janet Seltzer
Pam Shack
Barbara Sherman & Ted Maynard
Sharie & Clem Shute
Heather Sigworth
Linda Simon
Virginia Simontacchi
Sylvia Simpson & Richard Gonzalez
Regina Sleater & Dean Dunsmore, in honor of Michael Dunsmore
Paul & Nancy Smith
Shirley Snow
Suzanne & Robert Snow
Deena Z. Sortland, in honor of Natanya Sortland
Bruce Spencer
Ron Staub
Mary Stevens
James & Janice Stewart
Lydia & David Streeter
Brad & Jane Stroup
Ellen Sullins & Jay Tashiro
Bob & Donna Swaim
Patricia Talbot
Barbara & John Taylor
David Taylor & Lana Holstein
Liz Temple, in honor of Ron Kroll
Margaret Tome
Judith Treistman
Maddy & Arnie Urken
Don & Bobbie VandeGriff
Tom Vasey & Kate McGarey-Vasey
Margaret Verry Fuller
Dr. John & Marletta Wagner
Bettina Walker, in honor of Norma Davenport, a fellow Mount Holyoke alumna
Nancy Wall
Kay Wallace
Robert Wallin
Lea Ramirez Ward
Rosemarie Ampela & Jerry Weinstein, in honor of Holly Griffith
Nancy Weiss
Jack & Konnie Werner
Janice Wezelman & David Bartlett
Mindy & Sandy Wilcox
Barbara Wilder
Karen Wilkison
Thomas Willard
Robert & Christine Wohl
Binky Luckhurst & Dick Woodward
Bess & Pete Woodworth
David Yetman
Grace & Sam Young
M. June Young
Joseph F. Yukish & Calvin W. Fulton
Marcia & Michael Zaccaria, in celebration of the Art of Theatre

Scamp: Up to $99 donation
Romaine Ahlstrom
Fred and Karen Ahrens
Charles Altier
Lynette Ancharski
Shirley Andrews
Anonymous (5)
William Arnett
Judith Atwell
Barbara Atwood
Pat Barey
Bruce Bayly
Adam Becker
Susan & Stuart Beckerman
Patricia Bersbach
William & Kathleen Bethel
Ruth Blanchard
Joel Block
Joyceen Boyle
Philanne “Toppy” Burke
Barbara  Cavett
Alice A. Christ
Barbra T. Churchill
Robert & Elaine Clark
Mary & Ron Cohen
Jean S. Cooper
Kevin Crocker
Mary Brandt Croft
Barbara Cully
John Dahlstrand
Patricia Davis
James & Janet De Young
Helen Dearmore
John Deitz
Sharon & Alex Dely
Ira Dorfman
Barbro Drott Huth
Carol Dvorkin
Bill & Gail Eifrig
Patricia Eisenberg
Constance Elson
Tamara S. Evans
Todd Fedoruk
Betty Feinberg
Patrick Ferris
Margaret Flyntz
Alicia Fodor
Victoria Forman
Ariana Foster
Janet Frakes
Joyce Franke
David Gardiner
Roberta B. Gillilan
Mary Gilliland
Wendy Grahm
Bob Groendyke
Ms. Linda Kay Groenendyk
David Hagel
Jon & Diana Henke
Luisa Hernandez
John & Kathy Heyl
Suzi Hileman
Emily Hilliard
Jamie Hilton
Eileen Hollowell
Leo Jacques
Jana Grove Johnson
Leila Johnson
Jeremy Kahn
Daniel Kasper
Deborah Kaye
Julie Keane
Philip Keller
Kathleen Kennedy
Sharon Kha
Judith Kohn
Adrian Korpel & Ann Ellsworth
Ben Krane
Deborah Kuechel
Katherine Larason
Robert Lees & Jody Hall
Cheryl Leidich
Tim Lennon
Meg Linton & Marc Meredith
William & Victoria Lipman
Brian Lockhart
Gypsy Lyle
Robert MacArthur
Frank & Janet Marcus
Kris Masalsky & Dave Goguen
Susan Mast
Richard Mattner
Charlanne Maynard
Thomas Meixner
Walter Miller
Elissa Mondschein
Roger Morris & Lotte Decker
The Mountain Oyster Club
Traudi Nichols
Santo Nicotera
Sara Norvell
Jacqueline Olmstead
J. Olson-Garewal
Jane Peterson
Eve & Stuart Pinkert, in honor of Jean & Jordan Nerenberg
Daniel M. Quinn
Robert Raffa
Sharyn Rafieyan
Cynthia Rainey
Nanalee Raphael
Suzanne Rice, in honor of Cindy and Joe
Arlene Rieber
Maura Robinson
Susan Rowinski & John Epperson
Theodore Sakano
Stephen Saltonstall
Alice Schlegel
Joe E. Smith
Joyce T. Smith
Nancy Solomon
Southern Arizona Roadrunner Club
Kay Spencer
Laura Steckman
Lawrence I. Surbin
Carol Thomas
Kristy Thomas
Lynn Trivett
Lenore Tsakanikas
Gene Twaronite & Jo Kelleher
Dr. B. Vivante
Ross Iwamoto & Marianne Vivirito
Judith Walby-Diaz
Renate Wasserman
Roger D. Watson
William Wein
Mary Weinstein
Neil and Carol Weinstein
Sara Willsey
Jane Wilson
Teresa Wilson
Karen Yanes
Linda Yocum, in honor of Carol Mangold
Gary S. Youngling
Cheryl B. Zimmer
Howard Zogott

Recent Donations in Memoriam

James E. Alexander, Jr., M.D. & Elizabeth Alexander, in memory of Dr. Bill Mangold
Kathryn Babcock, in memory of Curtis Stege
Susan & Stuart Beckerman, in memory of Warren Bodow
The Bodow Family, in memory of Warren Bodow
Joyceen Boyle, in memory of Bill Mangold
Celia Brandt, in memory of Theodore Brandt
Barbara Cavett, in memory of Dr. Bill Mangold
Joan Cook, in memory of Douglas N. Cook
Carolyn A. Cunningham, in memory of William Mangold, M.D.
Eric & Jan Daby, in memory of Sue Kearney and Ross Williams
Norma Davenport, in memory of Warren Bodow and Bill Mangold
Karen DeLay & Bill Sandel, in memory of Bill Mangold
Peter J. Downey, in memory of Terry Downey
Lillian Essex, in memory of Norman Essex
Norma & Ken Foege, in memory of Warren Bodow
Sally Gershon, in memory of Bob Gershon
Todd Hansen, in memory of Lonny Baker
Karen Holcomb, in memory of Barbara Katz
Dr. & Mrs. Ken Iserson, in memory of William J. Mangold, Jr.
Jana Grove Johnson, in memory of Lillian Fisher
Paul & Marianne Kaestle, in memory of Kathy Kaestle
Daniel Kasper, in memory of Robbie Nell Davis Taylor
Barbara Katz, in memory of Stephen A. Katz
Ruth Kosakowsky, in memory of Abe Kosakowsky
Ann Lettes, in memory of Judith Burgess
Kristina L. Lewis, in memory of Bill Mangold and Warren Bodow
Drs. Sandra & Len Lichtenfeld, in memory of William Mangold, M.D.
Priya Lin, in memory of Dr. David Simon
Richard Pincus & Jan Linn, in memory of Warren Bodow
Brian Lockhart, in memory of Frances & Stephen Nemtin
Ned & Pat Mackey, in memory of Warren Bodow
Carol Mangold, in memory of Bill Mangold
Lana Mangold, in memory of Dr. William J. Mangold, Jr.
Dr. Gary & Brenda Mangold, Allison & Colby Lee, Hudson & Greyson Lee, Lauren Mangold & Erin Mangold, in loving memory of Dr. William J. “Bill” Mangold, Jr.
Warren & Felicia May, in memory of Lillian Fisher
Nancy Mayerhofer, in memory of Jim Mayerhofer
Mattthew T. McGrath, in memory of Debra Covert McGrath
Kathleen A. McGrath & Jerry James, in memory of Joe & Rae McGrath
Wendy Meeker, in memory of Adie
Susan Meier, in memory of Aidan
Leslie Morato, in memory of Lillian Fisher
The Mountain Oyster Club, in memory of Dr. William Mangold, Jr.
Jordan & Jean Nerenberg, in memory of Mr. Warren Bodow
Tom & Maureen Price, in memory of Bill Mangold, M.D.
Susan Rowinski & John Epperson, in memory of William Mangold
Adib & Vivi Sabbagh, in memory of Dr. Bill Mangold
Joyce Scully, in memory of Michael J. Scully
Sharie & Clem Shute, in memory of Bill Mangold
Virginia Simontacchi, in memory of Charles Simontacchi
Southern Arizona Roadrunner Club, in memory of Bill Mangold
Ron Staub, in memory of Dan Staub
Lawrence I. Surbin, in memory of William Mangold
Dr. John & Marletta Wagner, in memory of Mike Wagner
George Waldmann, M.D., in memory of William J. Mangold, Jr., M.D.
Nancy Wall, in memory of George Wall
Roger D. Watson, in memory of Carol Adams Watson
Janice Wezelman & David Bartlett, in memory of Bill Mangold
Linda Yocum, in memory of Bill Mangold
M. June Young, in memory of Nancy Wei Young

Organizational Support

Funding Organizations

The Rogue Theatre is grateful for the support of the following funding organizations during the current year:

National Endowment for the Arts  National Endowment for the Arts

Arizona Commission on the Arts  Arizona Commission on the Arts

Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona  Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona

The Young Foundation


Program Advertisers

We are grateful for the support of this season’s playbill advertisers:

Adam Conrad Hostetter /

Arizona Friends of Chamber Music

Arizona Repertory Singers

Arizona Repertory Theatre

International Minute Press

La Posada Continuing Care Retirement Community

Live Theatre Workshop

Loft Cinema

Monica Bauer, Playwright

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra

The Garage

True Concord Voices and Orchestra

Wellspring Financial Partners

Jim Wilson, Associate Broker, Realty Executives


Program Ads

If you would like to place a program ad, click here for more information, including sizes and pricing.


The Rogue Theatre welcomes partnerships with businesses. We provide organizations with an opportunity to sponsor individual productions or an entire season, in return for accompanying publicity in our media materials. Please contact us at if you are interested in sponsorships.

Other Support


Your time is valuable to us! We’re always looking for volunteers to assist in fundraising, locating program advertisers, ushering at performances, or other ongoing or occasional tasks. Please email or call the Administration phone at 520-344-8715, and we’ll put you in touch with Susan Collinet, the Rogue Volunteer Coordinator.

Donating Goods and Services

Goods and professional services can also be donated as in-kind contributions. For example, this website design and construction were donated. Our current wish list includes:

fax machine
multi-sheet photo copier (with bells & whistles)

Please contact us at or call the Administration phone at 520-344-8715 if you would like to donate to The Rogue Theatre in this fashion.



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