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Production Photos from
Thornton Wilder’s Our Town
January 2010

Photos by Tim Fuller


MRS. WEBB: Children! Now I won’t have it. Breakfast is just as good as any other meal
and I won’t have you gobblin’ like wolves. It’ll stunt your growth, that’s a fact.

Dylan Stringer (Wally Webb), Celia Madeoy (Myrtle Webb) and Alexandra Franklin (Emily Webb)



ARTISTIC LADY: Mr. Webb, is there any culture or love of beauty in—Grover’s Corners?
MR. WEBB: Well, ma’am, there ain’t much—not in the sense you mean.

Terry Erbe (Stage Manager), Dawn C. Sellers (Artistic Lady) and David Morden (Charles Webb)



So,—people a thousand years from now,—this is the way we were
in the provinces North of New York at the beginning of the Twentieth Century,—
this is the way we were—in our growing up and in our marrying,
and in our living, and in our dying.

Alexandra Cockrell (Assistant Stage Manager) and Terry Erbe (Stage Manager)



My, isn’t the moonlight terrible?

Alexandra Franklin (Emily Webb)



MRS. SOAMES: Well, naturally I didn’t want to say a word about it in front of those others,
but now we’re alone—really, it’s the worst scandal that ever was in this town!

MRS. SOAMES: Simon Stimson!

Janet Lynn Henderson (Louella Soames), Celia Madeoy (Myrtle Webb) and Cynthia Meier (Julia Gibbs)



Yes, most of the town’s settled down for the night, Simon.
I guess we better do the same. Can I walk along a ways with you?

David Morden (Charles Webb) and Paul Barby (Simon Stimson)



REBECCA: The Mind of God,—that’s what it said on the envelope.
GEORGE: What do you know!
REBECCA: Yep, and the postman brought it just the same.

Daria Berg (Rebecca Gibbs) and Robert Anthony Peters (George Gibbs)



HOWIE: Si Crowell here’s all broke up about George Gibbs’ retiring from baseball.
CONSTABLE WARREN: Yes, sir, that’s the way it goes. In ’84 we had a player, Si,
even George Gibbs couldn’t a touched him. Name a Hank Todd.
Went down to Maine and become a parson.

Dylan Connelly (Joe Crowell), Todd Fitzpatrick (Howie Newsome) and Art Jacobson (Constable Warren)



The cottage, the go-cart, the Sunday afternoon drives in the Ford—
the first rheumatism—the grandchildren—the second rheumatism—the deathbed—
the reading of the will—

Robert Anthony Peters (George Gibbs), Alexandra Franklin (Emily Webb) and Terry Erbe (Stage Manager)



Hung himself in the attic. They tried to hush it up, but of course it got around.

Brian Taraz (Joe Stoddard) and Jesse McCain (Sam Craig)



Oh, Mother Gibbs, I never realized before how troubled and how—
how in the dark live persons are.

Alexandra Franklin (Emily Webb) and Roberto Guajardo (Dr. Frank Gibbs)



And my boy Joel, who knew the stars—he used to say it took millions of years
for that little speck o’ light to git down to earth. Don't seem like a body could believe it,
but that’ s what he used to say—millions of years.

Alexandra Franklin (Emily Webb), Terry Erbe (Stage Manager),
Robert Anthony Peters (George Gibbs) and Bill Epstein (First Dead Man)



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